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Opera Libera, Inc.  is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 
All donations are tax-deductible.
         It goes without saying that donors are the lifeblood of Opera Libera. Without financial contributions, we wouldn’t be able to bring you full opera productions at  their finest or keep ticket prices affordable. Currently, our singers are volunteering to sing for Opera Libera. Our goal is to be able to pay the artists with exceptional talents and  it is crucial for us to have donations from opera lovers like you!  No donation is too small; every dollar goes to ensure the continued  success of Opera Libera.
         Where does your donation go?
· $100 covers the fees of a singer for an outreach performance.
· $300 covers the cost of  posters, programs and scores.
· $500 for costumes and building sets.
· $1,000 helps to cover the artists’ fees.
         Did you know that you can request where your donation is used? Call us to talk about how you would like to support Opera Libera at (610) 431-2222 or send an email to dgroley2@gmail.com.
Personal checks:
      Payable to Opera Libera Inc.
      Address - 1026 Kennett Way 
                      West Chester, PA 19380

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